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The most important data available at a glance? The outdoor watches by PRO TREK help you to plan your journey to adventure as safely as possible. Will the weather change soon? Where next? PRO TREK has the answers. 

Where the streets end and the wilderness begins, that’s where the world of PRO TREK comes alive. The Japanese watch manufacturer is one of the first ports of call for adventurers and explorers, extreme athletes and trekking specialists. For them, the ability to reliably consult data such as air pressure and orientation is essential – every mountaineer knows that weather conditions in the mountains can change very quickly and without warning. 

PRO TREK watches such as the PRW-6000Y-1AER feature a barometer and a thermometer. Sudden changes in air pressure and temperature can thus be displayed immediately to allow enough time to react. The integrated compass reliably points the way even well away from established routes, while the PRW-6000Y’s altimeter displays and calculates the elevation climbed. 

A love of the wilderness is quintessential to the PRO TREK philosophy. For this reason, the brand is active precisely where adventure and conservation meet – this is especially evident in its collaboration with Kevin Richardson, who has become known as the lion whisperer. As part of his work, the South African finds himself in close proximity to the kings of the veld and is today one of the world’s best-known behavioural scientists for big cats. For him, the collaboration with PRO TREK is an essential aid in the fight for the preservation of habitat, against poaching and for the species-appropriate use of lions in film productions. And if one of the lions should bite a little harder during playtime, the PRW-6000Y-1AER with its robust case easily holds its own. 

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