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Alpine Freeriding

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Alpine Freeriding

Mammut "Project 360"

Up the mountain with your mobile – not a first? That depends. MAMMUT’s #PROJECT360 opens up entirely new views: with your smartphone or laptop, the vertical is suddenly within reach ...

The panorama from one of the highest peaks in the Berner Oberland was traditionally reserved for mountaineers, but now just about anyone can enjoy the Alps’ most famous north face close up and get the buzz of climbing the legendary Heckmair Route – right from the comfort of the sofa.

It’s all made possible by a fully automatic 360° camera system in a backpack developed by MAMMUT just for the purpose. The idea was to share the experience of two extraordinary alpinists, Dani Arnold and Stephan Siegrist. It’s not a first ascent, and they aren’t trying to break a record, but it is a premiere. Both these guys have done this route numerous times. But this is no normal climb. For the first time, a camera system documents the endeavor so viewers can enjoy the virtual experience on their video screens. It’s like vertical Google street view.

When MAMMUT showed Dani the centerpiece of “Project 360” for the first time, he thought, “These guys are crazy.” The 360° system was developed especially for the project in conjunction with photographer Matthias Taugwalder. The device needed to be durable and light for climbing. Arnold and Siegrist carried the 3.5-kilo setup on their backs up the 1,800-meter rock wall.

A telescope arm extended oddly out of the climbing packs. On the end was a sphere nearly the size of a soccer ball containing the precious technological gem. The climbers don’t have to do anything but concentrate on the climb. Meanwhile, six GoPro cameras take regular pictures that are later compiled into a panorama and allow the viewer to see the climbfrom every possible angle.

Whether you watch on your laptop or on your phone, before you follow the mammoth mascot on the backpack over the snowfield, you take a last look over your virtual shoulder. No fog in sight. It wouldn’t have mattered for this climb, but it would have caused problems for the six cameras taking the pictures. No, today a steely blue sky stretches out over white-capped peaks and green valleys. It’s perfect.

Mehr Informationen zum #Project360 hier.

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