The time has finally come: The World Slackline Masters will be held in Stuttgart for the first time in 2019. On the first weekend in June, the best athletes from around the globe will compete against each other on the trickline – every trickliner is on its own, no teams. 


In the age of remote-controlled drones, we have already become accustomed to images shot from soaring heights. Drone videos are also increasingly seen in documentaries because they are relatively inexpensive compared to helicopter shots, and, it’s no secret, because it’s fun for the cameramen to fly the drone and control it using a screen—safely from the ground! If the drone gets into turbulence, the pilot doesn’t have to worry about his own safety.

Mentors: Hilaree Nelson

“A lot of things I’ve done are firsts, but only as a female first. Having that space to be the first female was really helpful in my career but when I hear the 25 year old athletes coming up they don’t want that female disclaimer any more. It was necessary but we’re past that. We can throw down as hard as the men.”

Alex Honnold Breaks Down Iconic Rock Climbing Scenes

Climbing has been featured in a couple of Hollywood movies over the years – as a daredevil leisure activity of the more extravagant heroes on screen. But how legit was their climbing actually? Did the actors do the stunts by themselves? And was the rock for real – or artificial? Alex Honnold “investigates” and unravels the mystery… with just one look. Have fun! 


Tom Belz is missing one leg but he will not allow himself to be hindered by it. His ascent of Kilimanjaro is the best example of his tenacious spirit.


He has been climbing for as long as he can remember. He strives for complete physical control over every individual muscle while maintaining a mental big-picture perspective. His climbing successes are based on a sophisticated training system that encompasses both the body and the mind. Welcome to the world of Adam Ondra.


Talking about Tamara, Simone Moro said she “just doesn’t have the software for the city.” But Tamara knows how to get the most out of the mountains – despite her knee problems. She tells us about how she gets strength from her fear, finds inner peace even without sports and about the life motto she learned from her mother.


Growing up in the French Alps, skiing has been part of Alexis Blaise’s life for as long as he can remember. But his passion for the sport gravitated toward fi lm and photography. Capturing the moves of his childhood buddy and freeskier Sam Favret in the Mer de Glace was the perfect way to combine their talents.


On their journey into the heart of the Ecuadorian jungle Benjamin Sadd and James Trundle discover adventure in its purest form only to find out they can’t escape civilization – not even in a handmade dugout canoe. 

All Aboard The Dodo’s Delight

Climbing, sailing, making music. Their expedition on the Dodo’s Delight is a dream come true for Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, Ben Ditto and Nicolas and Olivier Favresse. This is the behind the scenes story of how the climbers met Captain Reverend Bob Shepton.

In the Thick of it

The Beriman River is one of the last uncharted wild water rivers on the planet and it really lives up to its nickname—the Grand Canyon of the South Pacific: From its source in the remote Nakani mountains the river carves its way down 1,000 m in altitude, plunging down massive waterfalls and roaring through 13 narrow gorges to the Salomon Sea. In June 2015 four kayakers attempt the impossible and take on the unprecedented challenge of paddling the Beriman…

Back to his Roots: About David Lama

David Lama is known as one of the best climbers and all-round alpinists in the world. At the age of five, he was discovered by the alpinist and Himalayan legend Peter Habeler and became known as the “wunderkind of climbing”. Since 2010 the multiple World and European bouldering and climbing champion has upped his game with alpine first ascents. Now David is drawn to Nepal— and not just to conquer mountains …

Everything flows

Easy come, easy go. Flow is a very temporary state of being: everything seems to be perfect, time seems to stand still. Mountain biker Harald Philipp knows how to find it. But he also knows that you have to keep chasing it.


Life writes the stories. We just have to listen. WHEN WE WERE KNIGHTS —a short film by Anson Fogel—shows why it’s worth it. And that sometimes the best films are the ones you didn’t even set out to make. “Well […]

Better Places: Kieran McKay

Middle Earth Cave System (New Zealand) “The caves in New Zealand are truly special. I have the chance to go places no one else has ever been. Our lights lighting up a landscape that has never seen light…”

Adrenaline rush: Burn it down!

Squealing wheels and scorching asphalt: James Kelly—alias “The American Dream”—is one of the world’s wildest longboarders. The 25-year-old Californian easily reaches speeds of up to 100 kilometres an hour and more on his longboard. We met up with the talented […]

Russian Roulette: Freeriding on Onekotan

It all started with a satellite image. In 2012, freeriders Matthias Mayr, Matthias Haunholder (alias Hauni) and Phil Meier saw a mysterious crater lake on Google Earth with a perfectly formed volcanic cone at its center. Three years later they […]

Patagonia: Beyond the seven hills

The Fitz traverse has been defeating experienced alpinists for years. But now, American big wall specialists Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold, of all people, have managed to link up all major peaks of the Cerro Fitz roy skyline—a spectacular feat […]

Better Places – Matthias Haunholder

IN IHREM ELEMENT: Egal ob es eine Höhle, ein gefrorener Wasserfall oder Sandsteintürme mitten in der Wüste sind, die E.O.F.T. Protagonisten fühlen sich zumeist an den außergewöhnlichsten Orten erst so richtig wohl. “Better Places” zeigt uns die Lieblingsorte der diesjährigen Abenteurer! (Foto: Andreas Vigl)

Another Way

EL SENDERO LUMINOSO  (E.O.F.T. 15/15) tells one of the most impressive free-solo ascents in the history of climbing. Watching Alex Honnold connected to the 530m limestone wall just with the tips of his fingers and toes makes you scared at […]

Better Places – Will Gadd

In their element … Whether it’s a rock wall, a cave, a frozen waterfall or a desert sandstone formation, E.O.F.T heroes tell us their favorite spots around the globe. Hard to believe, but Will Gadd likes it really cold.

Bringing light into the darkness

A british led expediton stepped into one of the biggest caverns in the world, bringing equipment of 80 000 € with them. Many caves have been discovered over the past decades, but “this is not discovery”, expedition member Michael Warner notes,”exploration is just documenting something for the first time.”

Better Places – Amber Valenti

In their element … Whether it’s a rock wall, a cave, a frozen waterfall or a desert sandstone formation, E.O.F.T heroes tell us their favorite spots around the globe. Amber Valenti doesn’t need to travel far. Her beloved place is suitable for almost every outdoor activity.

A logistic nightmare – Afterglow

It is one out of two freeride ski movies of the E.O.F.T. 14/15 and considered one of the greatest cinematographic accomplishments in the ski film business of all time. It is AFTERGLOW. A visual marvel by a bunch of extremely talented and creative artists.

A question of design

You love the E.O.F.T.? You’re a graphic designer? An arts student or just somebody who likes to design clothes? If so, YOU could be the one! The one whose design decorates the next E.O.F.T. shirt.

Being a hero has never been prettier

It’s finally out! Many waited desperately on the 5th of october. Now that the new GoPro Hero4 is released, it spreads the best pictures you’ve seen so far from action cameras all over the world wide web. But watching clips […]

Sarah McNairLandry

Pionierin des Nordens und 21st Century Adventurer 2019   Sarah McNair-Landry ist der jüngste Mensch der beide Pole aus eigener Kraft erreichte, doch eigentlich beginnt ihre Abenteuerlust schon mit dem ersten Atemzug. Wer auf Baffin-Island mitten im großen Nirgendwo zur […]

The last Overland

Neuauflage der historischen Abenteuer-Expedition von 1955 – auf dem Weg von Singapur nach London. Sie war eines der größten automobilen Abenteuer aller Zeiten: die „Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition“. Geboren aus einer nächtlichen Laune sechs junger Studenten der beiden […]