A question of design



From the community for the community

You love the E.O.F.T.? You’re a graphic designer? An arts student or just somebody who likes to design clothes? If so, YOU could be the one! The one whose design decorates the next E.O.F.T. shirt.

Let’s start at the basics. Next year the E.O.F.T. is going to celebrate its 15th birthday. As we really don’t want to celebrate on our own, we want you to be a part of this!

EOFT_TShirt_Men_Fragezeichen2 As you all know, there’s an annual t-shirt for each European Outdoor Film Tour.
On the right you see how next years Shirt looks like at the moment. That’s why we need your creativity. Send us your idea! What do you think: How should our E.O.F.T. shirt look like? Draw what comes to your mind!
Design, paint, photoshop or photograph as if the devil was right behind you!

Find out more about the prices, requirements and the closing date.