The E.O.F.T. Instagram selection of the week. Athletes, adventures, places.

Adventure is about stepping into a new world. But only for humans these places are unfamiliar.


Tim Kemple, photographer | filmmaker

Wildlife – learning how to adapt.


The most important rule of any adventure… make new friends. @kimi_swimmy doing just that. @cinematowski @camp4collective ©



Alex Honnold, professional rock climber (El Sendero Luminoso, E.O.F.T. 14/15)

Wildlife – being close.


#tbt to that time in Namibia when I considered getting a cat. ©




Chris Burkard, photographer

Wildlife – loosing timidity.


It’s human nature to want to get as close as we can to animals and instantly start taking pictures. For me that moment becomes so much more special when you can patiently approach…Take a pause… and witness a creature this large in the wild. Watching an Elk cross a river could almost be considered a spiritual experience.. Like Watching millions of years of evolution in practice. And of course a photograph is a great way to record and share that experience. Agree? @visitmontana #MontanaMoment ©





Cory Richards, photographer | filmmaker  (Cold, E.O.F.T. 12/13)

Wildlife – walking the thin line.


Tiny figures cross a long suspension bridge spanning a major tributary of the Irrawady River, Kachin State, Northern Myanmar. @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @petzl_official #msrgear ©




Xavier De Le Rue, professional snowboarder (2112, E.O.F.T. 12/13)

Wild life – living wildly.


Splitboarding is not a crime…. Haha, that great fellow was the local correspondent for a Regional news paper. Got quite surprised by the uniform, you always have in the back of your mind something that you have done wrong. That explains the overly enthusiastic smile! #catchmeifyou can #rossignolxvsplitboards ©