INSTAVENTURE: Entering comfort zone

The E.O.F.T. Instagram selection of the week. Athletes, adventures, places.

These guys never back down! And they are widely stepping out of their comfort zone … or are they entering it?!


Conrad Anker, professional mountaineer/rock climber (The Shark’s Fin, E.O.F.T. 12/13)

“What do you see?”


conrad_anker What do you see? A snapshot of Ajax Mountain at the head of the Telluride Valley through a transitory organic filter. The clear ice (the transitory organic filter) distorts a staid landscape into a canvas for one’s imagination. @brian_g_martin sees a volcano mid eruption with a plume of the middle earth circulating back into itself. Which, at the end of the day, is kinda true as all we are is recycled 4.5 billion year old carbon. ©



David Lama, professional rock climber/mountaineer (A New Perspective, E.O.F.T. 12/13)

“East Tyrol on my own.”


davidlama_official Went for a first winter ascent of a route in East Tyrol on my own. Had to bail out of the intended line halfway up as it would have taken a second bivi to finish which I wasn’t prepared for… #absolutealpine #givesyouwings #goretexeu #lasportivagram #unbreakable ©




GoPro, by Jamie Hewitt

Let’s go for an “icy ride”!


gopro Photo of the Day! @orihe goes for an icy ride. ©





Jimmy Chin, photographer | filmmaker | professional mountaineer (The Shark’s Fin, E.O.F.T. 12/13)

“It’s the summit push!”


jimmy_chin @merufilm getting close! Finishing up final mix this week at Soundtrack NYC w the Academy Award winning mixer Tom Fleischman. (Check his IMDB.) It’s the summit push getting ready for @sundanceinstitute world premiere of MERU. Give @merufilm a follow for more pics and updates on the film. (@conrad_anker and @renan_ozturk at 21’000ft making a summit bid in 2011.) #merufilm ©





There is no bad weather …


goretexeu Why trust #GORETEX product technology? Because just like you, we were made for #adventure. ©