The wait is over – The best of E.O.F.T. No.11 is now available


Take Adventure Home

You saw the E.O.F.T. on tour and wanna see your special highlights again or did you even miss the tour?

The wait is over… Like the last years the DVD & BluRay is available in our shop on the E.O.F.T homepage by now.


From climbing up to a kayak or cave adventures. There is a highlight for everyone.

El Sendero Luminoso


Living out of his van, travelling around the world to find new challenges and adventures. That’s the life the professional rock climber Alex Honnold dedicates himself to. He became the first person who climbed one of the most difficult climbs in the world, El Sendero Luminoso, graded 7c+, free solo in under three hours.



Nobody’s River


You love kayaking and adventures, so you have to watch this highlight. Four women kayaked the third longest, free flowing river of the world: the Amur. Starting in Mongolia continuing through Russia and finishing at the shores of the Pacific the team covers 5,000 kilometers worth of adventure and discovers that the unspoilt nature of Central Asia is the perfect place for a special trip. 





Massive lights, LED suits and colours everywhere: Director Nick Waggoner made a skiing film with a very remarkable touch. Most people wouldn’t think about skiing by night not to mention free riding with jumps and tricks. Afterglow is a special snow experience, which makes you want to see more.



 The Cave Connection


Some people are fascinated by climbing the highest mountains and some are fascinated by the extreme opposite. Kieran McKay and his team want to find a connection between two caves in New Zealand. The bizarre nature with the deep and tight shafts, the quantities of water and insufficient light makes the expedition unpredictable.



 The Frozen Titans


Helmcken Falls, a 141-meter waterfall in British Columbia is the fourth highest waterfall in Canada. During the very cold winters its ice cone often reaches a height over 50 meters. With a great deal of experience Will Gadd climbs a route, which is almost impossible to climb in summer and a great challenge to take on in winter.