The E.O.F.T. Adventure Wish List

For all of you adventure seekers and outdoor lovers: Here’s the E.O.F.T. adventure wish list. Some things are simply necessities for your next adventure, some will make you feel more outside even at home and some things are just really nice to find under the Christmas tree.

Sleeping under the Stars TentsileTentsile
As a kid we were always dreaming about sleeping in the trees or building tree houses up there. Tentsile worked out tree houses for outdoor lovers which you can take anywhere. The tree tents can be pitched without ground contact between trees like a hammock or can be used on the ground like traditional tents.
A small outdoor wonder: This lantern is a multi functional tool. Use it as a torch or expand it to a lantern form for your next late night picnic or camping trip.
Chair Cover
Who said camping couldn’t be pretty? Life is just not always about functionality. Sometimes it’s nice to have a really good-looking chair cover.
Adventure Gear
Climber White Christmas
“White as the mountain peaks, light as a snowflake.” This is what Victorinox says about its new pocket knife. A gift that will put a smile on anyone’s face and makes you think about your next adventure.
K80A-RAD-SYSTEM_LowResRad System
The PETZL Rad system is one of the outdoor winners of the ISPO 2015. And this is perfectly justified: The RAD (Rescue and Descent) System is a safety kit for high-alpine skiing. It includes the equipment necessary for crevasse rescue, rappelling, or roping up on skis to traverse a crevasse zone.
Ice Axe IDOL
Perfect for ski touring, freeriding and climbing: Ice Rock developed an extremely lightweight ice axe made from carbon. The company is based in Kirov, Northern Russia – the town that hosts a stage of the World Ice Climbing Cup. So they really know what it takes to build the perfect ice axe.
FoodClif Bar
It’s everything you need. Okay – nearly everything. But those bars are fantastic: Wholesome, organic ingredients and really tasty. Whether you’re into mountaineering, on a 100-mile bike ride or exploring new trails – Clif Bars are the best snack outside and charge your inner battery pack in no time.
 Espresso to Go
Instant Coffee just won’t do for some of you. If you are a caffeine snob or simply enjoy the smell of freshly brewed coffee outside your tent, then this might save your outside breakfast! Handpresso makes the most of your coffee break – on the mountain, by the shore, on your portaledge.
peanut_butter_mix__47467.1379364349.1280.1280 (1)Instant Peanut Butter
Some hate it, some love it: Peanut Butter! And for those who cannot live without it, instant peanut butter is the perfect take away for backpackers – not for dieters.


Zeiss Terra ED Pocket
The Zeiss Terra ED Pocket are the perfect binoculars for anyone who wants to see every detail and yet never miss the big picture. And because every gram counts outdoors, we deliver the best optical performance and only need 310 grams / 10.9 oz to do it. Thanks to the high optical precision, 8x or even 10x magnification, an extra-large field of view, an operating temperature of –20°C / -4°F to +63°C / +145°F and a waterproof body, you have the perfect companion in your hands .
Off_The_Road Kopie
Alpinism as its best – The Nordwand 2.1 High
Keep your feet warm even in the coldest heights: This warm 2-in-1 gaiter-boot with a removable inner boot is a great companion on mountain tours, ice climbing projects and expeditions.
Inside Outside
ResignFurniture-1Wooden Chair
Italian designers Andrea Magnani, Giovanni Delvecchio and Elisabetta Amatori imagined a series of wooden chairs. Well, in the first place – that’s nothing new. But some parts of the chair are covered with bark – as a return of the object to its roots.
Do you pay enough attention towards recovering and stretching? If not: Get one of those blackrolls. It may hurt at the beginning, but it’s worth it. Promise!
Train more and train smart: The Zlagboard is a hangboard including an app. The device mechanism activates the sensors of your smartphone and triggers a timer. The app includes full training routines and tracks the personal performance.
Kraft_Ulrich_s_Harper_BikeSetBig2_1024x1024Bike Big
A tiny appartment, a lot of outdoor stuff and no storage space? This might help: The Harper Set “Bike Big” is perfect to place your bike, snowboard or other gear on the wall.
Written AdventuresAbenteuer ABENTEUER
Movies are our life. But with 25 pictures per second it’s not possible to catch every single moment. So we press the PAUSE button and tell the best stories of the last five years E.O.F.T.: 180 pictures and 224 pages full of adventure.


Teton jacket
Feeling yellow: The Teton jacket combines Mammut’s and GORE-TEX®’s knowledge and technology. The 3-layer-system keep you dry and comfy on your alpine tours whether the skies are clear and sweet or cold and gnarly.


A_Year_of_AdventuresYear of Adventures
One whole year of adventures: surfing, trekking, mountaineering and seeing the radest places you’ve ever seen. This book is a guide to what, where & when to do it. All manner of activities are covered from watching whales to climbing Everest.


Off_The_RoadOff the Road
Great photography, inspiring landscapes and vehicular: This book is a collection of outdoor adventures and the vehicular travel companions that make them possible. So what are you waiting for: Hit the road to the middle of nowhere.


Mountains_of_my_lifeThe Mountains of my Life
Walter Bonatti was one of the most prolific mountaineers of his time. He achieved countless difficult climbs, including a solo climb of a new route on the Southwest pilar of the Aiguille du Dru, the first ascent of Gasherbrum IV and the first solo climb in winter of the North face of the Matterhorn. “The Mountains of My Life” collects the classic writings of Bonatti.


Adventure on the ScreenKontiki_Film Kon-Tiki
1947: The Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdal leaves his wife and children behind to cross the Pacific Ocean on a balsa wood raft called “Kon-Tiki”. Heyerdal wants to prove that people from South-America settled in Polynesia instead of people from Asia, as was believed at the time. The movie is a stunning, breath-taking film about Heyerdals intense 101 day-journey with his five inexperienced crew members.


Climbing the Shark’s Fin on the peak of Meru Peak in the Himalayas has been a life long mission for Conrad Anker. In 2008 Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk had to abandoned their first attempt just 100 meters from the summit. Three years later they returned to the Shark’s Fin. In the E.O.F.T. 12/13 we showed a shorter version of their epic climb. Now, Jimmy Chin produced a feature length documentary on scaling one of the toughest walls in the Himalaya.


In 1977 the young woman Robyn Davidson travels from Alice Springs through 2,700 kilometers worth of Australian desert to the Indian Ocean. All by herself – her dog and four camels are Davidson’s only companions. An incredible story about her perilous solo trek in the desert.