Cabin Love – A list of huts in (almost) all E.O.F.T. countries

Most of us adventure seekers live in the city dreaming of being outdoors, escape the traffic and wake up looking at the early morning fog over the steep mountain lakes. We simply cannot be outside all the time because of our work, our family or other responsibilities. But, nevertheless, there will be always some weekends and holidays we can escape the city and wake up in tiny, wooden cabins in the middle of nowhere. And for all of you E.O.F.T. fans in the 14 countries, we’ve looked for the loveliest cabins.

Some of the cabins are rental portals, some are simply free to visit or just really nice to be seen. Have a look at our Cabin Love.


NORWAY - Tretopphytte

On top of a tree, there’s a bed waiting for you: This cabin is eight meters above the forest floor, in between the treetops in Hedmark County (Norway). To make you feel even more outside the cabin is built with huge windows in the roof above the beds, so you can not only sleep in a tree, but also gaze at the stars. Find out more!

2. United Kingdom

UK - Sweeney's Bothy

UK – Sweeney’s Bothy

It’s quiet here. Slow, Cosy and quiet. In the middle of nowhere this cabin is all you need to be happy. The Isle of Eigg, where this cabin is located, is not connected to the national grid, instead it generates almost all of its electricity from renewable sources. The cabin also generates its own electricity with two photo voltaic panels, so it’s off grid!

And the best thing: you can shower outside. Find out more!


GERMANY - Tegernseer Hütte

GERMANY – Tegernseer Hütte

In the middle of two mountains (Roß- und Buchstein), there is the Tegernseer Hütte. So it’s no coincidence that this one is one of the most popular ones for a day hike in the Bavarian Alps. Find out more!


SWITZERLAND - Grünhorn Hutt

SWITZERLAND – Grünhorn Hutt

This is a special cabin: You cannot sleep in it, but it’s the oldest cabin of the Club Alpin Suisse. So it is worth it to visit. Since 2011 it’s been closed, before it had been a refuge for climbers. Find out more!


SLOVENIA - Hutt on Skuta

SLOVENIA – Hutt on Skuta

Extreme weather, temperature shifts and wild terrain: It’s not easy to build cabins in the mountains. Designed in a collaboration between OFIS Architects and students of Harvard University Graduate Schoof of Design this small alpine hut is set on one of the peaks of Skuta Mountain in Slovenia. Find out more!




In the Czech Republic and Slovakia there are a lot of mountain huts in the High Tatra. One of them is the Téryho chata, the highest hut (2015 metres) in the High Tatra. It was built in 1899 and had been reconstructed several times. Find out more!


SWEDEN - The Moss Hutt

SWEDEN – The Moss Hutt

From outside the Moss hut looks like the cabin of the evil witch of “Hänsel & Gretl”, or certainly something out of a fairy tale. The cabin in the endless forest of Sweden is very traditional: a wood stove, hand build and you can see the marks of the axe. Find out more!

8. Denmark

DENMARK - Nordbybakker

DENMARK – Nordbybakker

You can almost taste the ocean: This summer cabin is set in the northernmost hills of the island of Samsø. A Danish island in the Kattegat, 15 kilometres off the Jutland Peninsula. Surrounded by small hills, a lot of green and the seaside this cabin is definitely a place to clear your mind and forget everyday life. Find out more!


AUSTRIA - Fritz Pflaum Hutt

AUSTRIA – Fritz Pflaum Hutt

Long routes, alpine terrain and between the wild rocks – the small Fritz Pflaum Hütte is a climbers paradise. It’s located at the Wilder Kaiser, an amazing place for alpine climbing, and had been built as a memorial to Fritz Pflaum who died in these mountains. Find out more!


FRANCE - Les Grands Mulets Refuge

FRANCE – Les Grands Mulets Refuge

Chamonix, the place to be? As a mountaineer you will love this place and have been here at least once in a lifetime. To get to the North Face of the Mont Blanc Les Grands Mulets Refuge (3051) is the best cabin to stay. The cabin is situated on top of a rocky outcrop. Find out more!




No mountains anywhere but plenty of water: Albeit there are plenty of eager mountaineers among the Dutch, geographically, there’s not much to climb on their home turf. But the rivers and shores of the Netherlands offer a unique form of accommodation – meet the Zephyr!


For LUXEMBURG - Gervasutti Refuge

For LUXEMBURG – Gervasutti Refuge

Yeah, ok. This is not Luxemburg. But it’s as tiny as Luxemburg. The Gervasutti refuge is situated above the Freboudze glacier and looks like a white tube. The bivouac is basecamp for the routes to the Grandes Jorasses, Petites Jorasses, Aiguille de Leschaux and Mont Greuvetta. The approach to the bivouac is tricky, long and tiring and mostly without path or track. Find out more!


ITALY - Marghertia Hut

ITALY – Marghertia Hut

It’s not a real cabin – The Capanna Margherita (Margherita Hut) is more like the highest hotel in the alps. The mountain hut belongs to the Italian Alpine Club, located on the Signalkuppe of Monte Rosa. At 4,554 metres above sea level it’s the highest in Europe. The Margherita Hut is the starting point to a lot of summits for example the Dufourspitze (highest peak in Switzerland, 4,634). Find out more!



Last but not least – Belgium. And trust us we searched high and low for a hut in the paradise for chocolatiers and beer-aficinados but we couldn’t find one to make it onto this list. So, now we need you! Let us know where to lay our adventurous heads in the Belgian territory. Clue us in via FACEBOOK – we look forward to your expertise!



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