New Year’s Resolution for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Some of you make it every year, some of you hate it and some of you will give it up after a couple of days: The New Year’s Resolution.

But it is not only about some random resolutions. Instead, it’s good to have goals. Every New Year is about new adventures, exploring, getting to know new places and find yourself ahead and out of your comfort zone. We want to pursue the unknown and find places that make us feel warm, happy and secure.

In case, you haven’t thought of your new adventures in 2016, we’ve found some great things to do. From exploring unknown places to more sustainability – check out our six Adventurer Resolutions:

  1. New Year’s resolution for all of you: DO SOMETHING NEW! You never know what you love if you won’t try. So pull yourself together and explore something you’ve never did before. Never tried Ice Climbing, Ski Touring, Paragliding, Kayaking or Snow Biking? And did you even know that you can go mountain biking with fatbikes all year long? When the snow conditions are not good enough for skiing but it is too snowy for mountain biking, this might be the perfect way to be outside
  1. New Year’s resolution for backcountry skiers: DO IT YOURSELF! More human powered vertical in 2016: How many vertical feet are you going to gain and ski? It’s not just about the downhill. Earn your turns – you will see how much fun it is to go vertical and how you will get stronger, explore deeper and journey longer.
  1. New Year’s resolution for hikers & outdoorers: It’s about quality not quantity. GET A FOCUS ON YOUR CLOTHES – there are a lot companies that that keep an eye on the environment and their sustainable behaviour by crafting high quality apparel. Just to name a few: Patagonia, Keen or in Germany, for example VAUDE. They recently received the  German Sustainability Award.
  1. New Year’s resolution for all of you who have a full time job in the office: TRY TO GET OUTSIDE at least 30 minutes a day. Even if it’s raining, snowing or stormy: You will see that it feels good to get outside and leave your phone on your desk.
  1. New Year’s resolution for all adventure seekers: GO ON A MICROADVENTURE! The author, adventurer and motivational speaker Alastair Humphreys is trying to encourage people to get outside and go on a microadventure. An adventure that is close to home, simple and short. You do not need to travel to the other side of the world or pay a lot money for an adventure. Just go outside, sleep under the stars with you best buddy, use your weekend and experience the simple living. Try to be a kid again and explore. It is beginning right at our front door.
  1. New Year’s resolution for food-lovers: We know, there is a broad range of wise advices when to eat what, BUT for us, the breakfast is simply the most delicious food-moment of the day. We fill our body with new energy. So jump out of bed 30 minutes earlier to START THE DAY RIGHT. Make yourself a smoothie, eat banana porridge or prepare a veggie scramble like the alpinist Steve House. To get some inspiration: Outside Online collected the eight bests breakfasts of Champions.

Enjoy 2016 with lots of joy, adventurous moments and happiness.