Ask the Wide Boyz!

This year we start the first E.O.F.T. Adventure Camp in Slovenia. Then 2 x 2 lucky winners will have the chance to pass a couple of adventurous days in one of Europe’s wildest regions at the beginning of May – together with the WIDE BOYZ!  


Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall


What are you looking for in climbing?

Pete: I look for things that inspire me. The line is definitely important but I also like the challenge. I don’t think that I would enjoy it much if there was no challenge and no suffering. You have more a sense of achievement when you’ve suffered to get there.


Does your climbing partner has to be on your level?

Pete: I hang around with a lot of people who climb, but if they don’t climb on the same level as me I think the most important thing for me is to help them and encourage them and to see them succeed on their own projects.


How do you find the time for you outdoor activities?

Tom: All my friends that know me see me as a very active person. I’m constantly doing loads of things and the way in which I do that: I don’t really watch TV or sit around doing nothing. I’m constantly on the go, from the moment I wake up in the morning until I go to bed.


What’s your opinion about stress?

Tom: You can spend a lot of time doing the complaining about how busy things are. But if you take the attitude: Yes, we have a full schedule and it is hard work but just get on with doing the things you need to, you’ll do the action and you’ll stop complaining.


Tom Randall & Pete Whittaker

The Brits have a faible for hard crack climbing. When they’re not looking for new rocky challenges, Tom likes to set up new routes in his climbing gym and Pete works as an arborist.



Do you fancy an adventure trip with the WIDE BOYZ? The apply now!


The starting point for your outdoor weekend is the BMW Welt in Munich. A BMW with xDrive technology will bring you down to Slovenia where you can go climbing, biking or hiking with E.O.F.T. athletes Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall. You can do whatever you want – as long as you have fun!

We take care of accommodation, catering and equipmente. You take care of making the weekend one of the best of your life.

We’re looking forward to your application.


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