SAM FAVRET: Vallée Blanche “The Classic Route”

The famous “Vallée Blanche” in Chamonix is an off-piste ski route in the Mont Blanc range. Discover Sam Favret (“ICE CALL” / E.O.F.T. 17/18) revisiting this classic one with his own style ! 

In case you want to try this on your own… That’s what they say on

Accessible from the top of Aiguille du Midi, this major 20 km route offers a vertical drop of nearly 3000 m, in a unique alpine environment. Although it attracts thousands of skiers each year, this high alpine descent requires mountaineering skills. We highly recommend you book a professional mountain guide to benefit from his/her knowledge and advice in this field.


Ye be warned… (But we’re pretty sure Sam Favret knows his own backyard…) Enjoy! 

Filmed by Alexis Blaise, Maxime Moulin, Thomas Guerrin & Hensli Sage.