All Aboard The Dodo’s Delight

Climbing, sailing, making music. Their expedition on the Dodo’s Delight is a dream come true for Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, Ben Ditto and Nicolas and Olivier Favresse. This is the behind the scenes story of how the climbers met Captain Reverend Bob Shepton.

In the Thick of it

The Beriman River is one of the last uncharted wild water rivers on the planet and it really lives up to its nickname—the Grand Canyon of the South Pacific: From its source in the remote Nakani mountains the river carves its way down 1,000 m in altitude, plunging down massive waterfalls and roaring through 13 narrow gorges to the Salomon Sea. In June 2015 four kayakers attempt the impossible and take on the unprecedented challenge of paddling the Beriman…

Back to his Roots: About David Lama

David Lama is known as one of the best climbers and all-round alpinists in the world. At the age of five, he was discovered by the alpinist and Himalayan legend Peter Habeler and became known as the “wunderkind of climbing”. Since 2010 the multiple World and European bouldering and climbing champion has upped his game with alpine first ascents. Now David is drawn to Nepal— and not just to conquer mountains …

Everything flows

Easy come, easy go. Flow is a very temporary state of being: everything seems to be perfect, time seems to stand still. Mountain biker Harald Philipp knows how to find it. But he also knows that you have to keep chasing it.


Life writes the stories. We just have to listen. WHEN WE WERE KNIGHTS —a short film by Anson Fogel—shows why it’s worth it. And that sometimes the best films are the ones you didn’t even set out to make. “Well […]

Better Places: Kieran McKay

Middle Earth Cave System (New Zealand) “The caves in New Zealand are truly special. I have the chance to go places no one else has ever been. Our lights lighting up a landscape that has never seen light…”