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Gore-Tex® Products

GORE-TEX® clothing solutions for endurance athletes, extreme mountaineers and lovers of the great outdoors

Light & Fast on the trail from summit to lodge

What do trail runners, extreme mountaineers, hikers and dog owners have in common? That’s right – they’re outside a lot. They want to get outside. They have to get outside – because they want to, because their training plan demands it or because the dog is whining.

You can’t influence the weather – it is what it is. This is why outdoor sportspeople use GORE-TEX® clothing solutions: GORE-TEX® product technologies protect against wind and weather and help users gain the freedom to do what they want without getting wet if they don’t want to.

Most people are on the move for hours or days. Extreme missions, where clothing primarily needs to be resilient and durable, are much rarer. Even GORE-TEX® athletes like Stefan Glowacz, Robert Jasper, David Lama or Tamara Lunger are not permanently on the go in extreme terrain and remote regions. They spend most of their time preparing for their big adventures – at home, on their jogging routes, in the local hills. Every day, in all weather.

When she’s at home, Tamara Lunger often helps out at her parents’ mountain lodge, the Latzfonser Kreuz guardhouse. It is located at an altitude of 2,300 metres. It’s a good 1,800 metres to climb up there from the valley, which is a decent mountain hike, before she exchanges her functional clothing for a cotton “dirndl”. GORE-TEX® product solutions for light& fast activities are perfect for Tamara’s training the whole year round – at altitudes between 500 and 2500 metres, occasionally with four seasons in just one day. In good weather, trail running shoes, sunglasses and a light shirt are enough. But she often needs to protect herself from losing too much body heat at the top of the mountain, or in changeable weather conditions. Tamara swears by her GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ jacket. ‘The Shakedry jacket is really breathable, you can even wear it when the going gets tough and you’re sweating a lot. It works amazingly well for a relatively long time. Otherwise, you can just pack it away. The little jacket weighs almost nothing and you can scrunch it up really small. If it gets wet, just shake it out a bit and it’s dry in no time. Shake and dry, right?’ says Tamara.

So how does it work? The GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ product concept by Gore means no outer textile is required. Thanks to a permanently water-repellent surface, the jacket cannot absorb water, the weight of the garment is significantly reduced and the breathability is further increased. Gore also uses a very lightweight lining for this product technology. This ultra-lightweight, totally breathable GORE-TEX® technology protects runners and cyclists in particular from rain and body heat loss.
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