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Are you bivouacking or long-distance hiking? Do you want to know at a glance whether the weather is changing, where the beaten trail goes or in how many minutes the sun will set? The outdoor watches from PRO TREK know the answer. For example, PRO TREK helps nature enthusiasts to safely explore new terrain. That is because where the roads end and the wilderness begins, the world of PRO TREK opens up.

To many adventurers and researchers, extreme athletes and trekking specialists, the Japanese watch brand is an established part of the equipment. Now, this also applies to the Outdoor Smart Watches. That is because PRO TREK meets the highest demands placed on equipment with this high-tech equipment as well.

The PRO TREK Smart, WSD-F20 was designed consistently for use in the middle of nature. It is waterproof up to 5 bar and shock-resistant according to the US military standard. Functions and apps like “Moment Setter”, “Tool” and “Activity” make useful applications available to outdoor athletes. When cycling, for example, they allow the speed to be adapted to the personal fitness level, and much more. That is because the WSD-F20 is equipped with special applications for five outdoor activities: “Snow”, “Trekking, “Paddling”, “Fishing” and “Cycling”. That way, valuable time in nature can be used so much better.

Important climate data, for example, is shown in real time through air pressure measurements. Warning signals point out serious weather changes. An altimeter, compass, tide indicator, as well as a sunrise and sunset display help outdoor athletes in the wilderness to optimise routes and adapt to the current circumstances – and ultimately make substantiated decisions. In the process, different display layouts can be selected depending on taste and necessity.

Thanks to the GPS function, it is possible, for example, to determine the position and route exactly on a map, set marker points or save route times. Anyone who likes to spend time outdoors with friends can show the position of their friends on a map with CASIO MOMENT LINK and also exchange messages, which is practical for team sports.

The WSD-F20 is equipped with Android Wear 2.0, and hence for numerous current applications. The range of functions of the watch can be expanded, because, if desired, all available apps can be loaded directly onto the PRO TREK Smart via the Google Play Store that is integrated in the watch. *

With WSD-F20, PRO TREK is once again recommended as an outdoor watch that is practical to use outdoors because of the high technology.

*Android Wear and Google Play are brands of Google Inc.
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